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Experience a Vocal Reiki Taster with Sara Jane Live on Skype

During this 15 minute Taster you will experience your Name being Toned by Sara Jane or if you have a specific area of your body that you feel would benefit let her know.

 Each session is up to 15 minute long & costs Just £10 GBP

You can Pay for your Taster HERE

Dates and Times for February are Flexible (Please remember Sara is in the UK GMT ):

To Book your 15 minute Session

Email Sara Jane at – Subject “Vocal Reiki Taster”

Sara will give you the link to the payment page and you will need to have access to Skype and let Sara have your Skpye name so that she can call you at your appointed time.


 Crystals with a Twist Workshop

Discover your True Birth Crystals & Meet the Dragon Associated with your Main Birth Crystal

Next Workshop will be in April – Watch This Space

Live On-line maximum of 6 people

This is a 2 hour interactive workshop in which Sara will share the information relevant to your date of birth for you to discover your True Birth Crystals.

We will then do a Meditation to meet the Dragon that guards over your Main Crystal

After the workshop you will receive a copy of the Dragon’s Wisdom for your Main Crystal, a Copy of a Poem from Dragon Heart and a list of the Crystal Dragon’s Names.

Your investment in this fun & enlightening 2 hour workshop is just £35 GBP

You can only book your place by emailing Sara Jane at Subject: “Crystal workshop”

You will need to send her your gmail email address and once you have paid she will send you the Login details


An Introduction to Vocal Reiki

Date: Next Workshop will be in April – Watch This Space

Live On-line maximum of 6 people per workshop

A 2 hour interactive workshop which will include.

  • Information about Vocal Reiki
  • How Vocal Reiki works
  • Try Toning for yourself
  • Experience a group session

Your investment in this 2 hour workshop is just £35 GBP

You can only book your place by emailing Sara Jane at

You will need to send her your gmail email address and once you have paid she will send you the Login details


Sound Share

 Date: The Next Share will be in April – Watch This Space

Live On-line maximum of 6 people

This is an interactive 2 hour workshop which will include.

  • Sound for your Chakras
  • Sound Bath of your name
  • Sound Bath
  • Every one “gives” and receives so be prepared to join in

    Just £15 GBP to join in this fun and energising evening

    You can only book your place by emailing Sara Jane at

    You will need to send her your gmail email address and once you have paid she will send you the Login details


Group Reiki Session includes a Meditation

Date: The Next Group Session will be in April – Watch This Space

Venue: Live On-line (with replay for those who can’t make it live)

Get your week off to a great start by treating yourself to a Reiki Session – Relax, unwind and regenerate.

Sara is offering a 1 hour group Reiki Session which will include a Meditation to Your Healing Pool.

All you have to do is lie down and relax; Sara will open the Reiki Channel for each person that has signed up for the session (even if you can’t make it live). She will then start the Meditation, guiding you to your Healing Pool and will give you most the rest of the Session time to spend there.

Just before the end of the session Sara will bring you back and then end the session. She is happy to allow time afterwards for any questions you may have.

Although this will be a live Session, it will be recorded and be available for you to experience for up to 3 weeks after the live session.

The cost to you is 1 hour of your time in the comfort and peace of your own home and £35GBP + you can repeat the session as often as you like in the following 3 weeks.

Yes just £35GBP

Book Your Place by emailing Sara at

Sound Energy & Your Name (workshop)

Free Workshop

Sara Jane works with Vocal Reiki in the form of Toning ~ the use of the voice but not singing.

Experience Vocal Reiki and learn the importance of your Name.

You can watch the replay here:


Reiki & Meditation Session with Sara Jane 

Enjoy a Reiki Session with Sara. Relax & unwind; you can choose to include a Meditation within your session at no extra cost.

Choose from

  • A Meditation to your Healing Pool
  • A “Love” Meditation
  • A Meditation to connect with your Inner Child

30 minutes ~ £32 ~ Via Skype


  • Sound Reiki Aura Re-energise ~ Price £37
  • Sound Reiki Body Boost ~ Price £37
  • Sound Reiki Chakra Balance & Alignment ~ Price £37

Available via Skype

E-mail Sara at to book your session/s


One to One Vocal Reiki

with Sara Jane

Sara offers one to one sessions wherever you live because your session can be done over the phone or the internet ~ you can also have your session with her at her therapy rooms in Bournemouth, Dorset, UK

For more information click HERE

See the Vocal Reiki page for Testimonials from people who have experienced this amazing energy through Sara.


Meditation Mondays

9 Weeks of Meditations with Sara Jane


During this series you will meet Guides and Guardians, spend time with them, receive guidance & support and if you hadn’t realised it before, learn how special & precious you are to them.

Although Sara doesn’t play any music in the back ground, feel free to put some of your own on.

These Meditations were shared through Gift of Healing TV

  • Meet One of Your Guardian Angels

Watch & experience it HERE

  • Meet Your Guardian Dragon + a Message from the Dragons

Watch & experience it HERE 

  • Meet One of Your Animal Guides + a Message from the Animals

Watch & experience it HERE 

  • Visit the Mythical Realm & Meet a Mythical Friend + a Message from our Mythical Friends

Watch & experience it HERE

  • Visit the Crystal Cave at the Heart of Mother Earth

Watch & experience it HERE 

  • Meet One of Your Guides & Guardians

Watch & experience it HERE

  • Connecting with your Younger Self

Watch & experience it HERE

  • Discover Your Wings

Watch & experience it HERE

  • Meditation to Meet Your Higher Self

Watch & experience it HERE


Learn to Love Yourself

Vocal Reiki Program

 (Available in person via Skype or at Sara’s Therapy Rooms in Bournemouth, Dorset, UK)

Sara Jane is offering you the chance to work one on one with her to help you heal past traumas and hurts, and find the love inside of you for yourself that is hiding away because of those hurts.

Have you spent years doing for and thinking about others with no thought for yourself?               YES         NO

How easy do you find it to let others do for you or give to you?                                                                              Easy               Difficult

When was the last time you did exactly what you wanted to do?                                                                            Date:

Can you say “I Am Special, I Love Me” and mean it.          YES         NO

Would you like to:

  • Feel Special and Loveable
  • Attract the right people into your life
  • Feel fulfilled
  • Feel worthy and good enough
  • Feel happy, light-hearted, relaxed, at peace with yourself and all those around you.             YES         NO

Are you ready to invest in yourself?                  YES         NO

Are your answers YES, Difficult, NO, YES & YES? – Then NOW is the time to start thinking about yourself, of how you can help yourself to heal the hurts and traumas of the past, letting them go and feeling the love for yourself that you deserve?

10 Hours of 1 to 1 Sessions over a 1 Year period with Sara Jane – The Master of Voice & Sound Energy.

What your sessions will include: (not every session will include all of the below, each session will be guided by you and what you share with Sara)

  1. Vocal Reiki (experience Sara Toning your Name to help release old emotions and feel the loving energy that surrounds you)
  2. Reiki (if you are happy to receive it)
  3. Meditations (Sara uses several to support you with your healing process)
  4. Sound Baths (for your *Chakras – to balance & align them, *Aura – to re-energise it, *Physical Body – to boost and empower your own self-healing and *Emotions at a cellular level – to help you acknowledge and let go of past hurts)
  5. Guidance – The use of Toning usually brings forth memories, emotions and feelings – Sara will Listen to you so that she knows what is the next step for YOU. She also receives intuitive guidance for you.

You choose how long each session is (up to a total of 10 hours) and how often you have a session. Some suggestions of how you may wish to help yourself by having

  1. A regular 1 hour session every 5 weeks
  2. A regular monthly session with the 10 hours being split into 12 sessions e.g. 4 x 1 hour + 8 x ¾ hour sessions or 6 x 1 hour + 4 x ¾ hour + 2 x ½ hour

By having a regular monthly or 5 weekly session you are honouring yourself, showing yourself how much you love and care for you; that you respect yourself enough to gift this time and healing process to yourself.

By keeping the momentum going over a whole year you give yourself the greatest chance of supporting your healing process and taking back control of your life and feeling all those things mentioned above.

How much is this going to cost me?

The “Learn to Love Yourself Program” is an investment of £647 in yourself (Total Value £750)

For that you will receive:

A Free Consultation

10 Hours of 1 to 1 sessions with Sara Jane broken down to suit you (Value £750)

This is an investment in yourself of less than £55 (approx $80) per month – Are you worth £55 a month? ~ Your answer should be YES and a lot more

Invest in yourself NOW

Sara Teaches both Reiki & Vocal Reiki

Find out more Here

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