There is Magic All Around

by Sara Jane on January 11, 2017

There is Magic All Around

By Sara Jane

Close your eyes and imagine

Imagine there is nothing, you can’t see anything, it is black, there is nothingness. You can’t hear anything there is silence, you can’t feel anything.

Nothing – an existence without stimulation for your senses.

Slowly you become aware of a sound, of birds singing.

You become aware of your body, of your breathing, you try and move your legs, they move; you stretch and move your head, you sit up.

Is it getting lighter?

You look towards the window, there are clouds visible in the sky and the sky is turning blue.

The sun is rising

You can see the trees and the plants, the flowers, the birds, bees and butterflies.

You make your way outside and realise you can feel the breeze, the warmth of the sun, the grass beneath your feet.

The sounds around you are growing as all the creatures and people start their day.

Give yourself a gift, the gift of a day where you let yourself experience the magic of life.

Let yourself hear the sounds of nature, let yourself feel the wind, the rain, the sun, the grass, the sand between your toes, the waves as they wash over your feet.

Let yourself see the blue sky, the fluffy white clouds, the beautiful clouds of a thunderstorm, the flashes of lightning, the rain as it creates and then splashes in puddles, as it forms a stream, as it waters the Earth.

See the different greens of the leaves and the grasses, the colours of the flowers, the amazing canvas that is nature.

Let yourself smell the rain, the freshly mown grass, the flowers, the mountain and woodland air.

Fill your senses.

As the day comes to a close, watch the sun go down, the exquisite colours of the sunset and as the sky darkens see the stars come out and the moon throw a path of light on the sea or a lake.

Be aware of the night sounds and smells, let yourself feel at peace, as a part of this magic we call life.

Copyright © Sara Jane 2016


What is a Hunch?

by Sara Jane on December 15, 2016

What is a hunch?

Think about it for a minute, which feeling do you call “a hunch”?

When I started to think about this I came to the conclusion that to me it is just another word for intuition or gut instinct.

You get “a hunch” that something feels “right” or “wrong”; so it is a “feeling”.

Do you listen to those “feelings”?

If you are anything like me you have had many occasions when you haven’t and later regretted it.

We get these “feelings” and then our head, mind, ego, whatever you wish to call it, chimes in “don’t be silly it’s just your imagination”, “ignore it, you want to do it, so do it” or “you can’t do that, what if this happens or that happens”.

Are you smiling? Can you hear these voices in your head?

Our minds/egos are very good at distorting our “feelings”, belittling them and we can be easily persuaded not to listen to the gentle voice of our soul.

Can you remember a time when you have acted on a hunch? When that niggling inner voice either didn’t get a chance to pipe up or you ignored it?

Think about it; look back on what happened and the outcome.

It may have been something very simple, it may have been something quite momentous; whatever it was, I’m guessing it was a positive outcome.

Open to your hunches, your intuition, they will not lead you astray and could be the start of many synchronistic happenings.

Many of the most amazing things that can happen in your life can be from you acting on a hunch or a whim.

Let variety and excitement into your life.

Listening has lead me on many an adventure, including going to Romania to work with the Carpathian Large Carnivore Project for 2 weeks in 2000.

I organised sponsored walks for adults with learning difficulties, including one with Wolves and arranging “Spirit of Freedom” a project which took people with learning difficulties to America to spend time with the Nez Perce Indians and to visit Yellowstone National Park.

Also learning Reiki and other complementary therapies and starting my own on-line TV program Gift of Healing TV.

Life has many gifts for us and sometimes they are “delivered” in hunches and intuition.

Let’s learn to throw caution to the wind and unwrap these gifts and listening to the hunches of warning.

Yes I have also had those and one such ended up with me going to the police about fraud; if I had listened to my initial instincts it would never have got that far.

Hunches are good and positive things, they are always worth listening to and following.


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